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How to Crush Campus Involvement

Don’t Over-commit

You have to have campus involvement or you wonʼt be able to compete against other top students. No recruiter is looking for students with a 4.0 GPA and a blank resume underneath. However, if you take one thing from this specific article make sure you understand that over-commitment is harmful to your overall college strategy. You will not be able to maintain a difference-making level of commitment for the entirety of a semester, much less for four years.

Diversify Your Involvement

Our recommendation concerning campus involvement, which is touched on in both the is to be involved in 2 organizations. One organization should be academic in nature, and the other preferably non-academic (athletics, hobby, etc). After becoming an active member your first semester (or two depending on how the election process works), seek leadership roles in the organization. Stay in an organization and make a difference by improving a broken process or by leading a new initiative. No recruiter wants to see 11 different student organizations on one resume.

Over-involvement immediately indicates that you spread yourself too thin, donʼt enjoy staying any place for an extended period of time, or lack the capability to fit into the long-term strategy of an organization. Some students may be able to handle a third organization, whether it be from the start or later in their college careers, but we encourage students to invest in two organizations initially.

What Recruiters Prefer

No recruiter would toss you or your resume aside because you’re involved in something they see as silly, but there could be a better use of your time than the Chacos and Tacos Club. Examples of academic organizations could be your departmentʼs professional organization, student councils, honors programs, and any other organization that is rooted in academia. Examples of non-academic organizations could include, but are not limited to, athletic teams, student government organizations, campus newspaper production teams, Greek life, and various philanthropic organizations.

Start Your Own Organization

The alternative to joining an organization is to create your own student organization, which if done correctly can be a massive hit with recruiters. Student organizations are run by students (knowledge bomb), which means some of them are not being led very well. If you think this is the case and you believe you can do it better, start your own version and fill the void.

You can also create an organization with a brand new concept as well. These types of organizations may result due to something new in society in general. For instance, when Harry Potter grew in popularity Quidditch organizations on college campus all around the country began popping up. As noted author Seth Godin puts it, “Innovation, initiation, and creation are a scarcity.” Do not be afraid of the unknown, but have a good plan going in and ask others how they have found success in this arena.

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