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The Goal of Graduating

Return On Investment

The average cost of college in America is $100,000 including tuition, books, room and board. Along with money there’s also a significant amount of time, effort, and opportunity cost expended. Given this large expenditure, it’s wise to execute against a plan that leads to a return on this investment. Some parents pay for their student’s college, some parents and students both contribute, students foot the bill themselves, and others fund school through awarded athletic scholarships and academic grants.

Regardless of who’s paying, someone or some institution is investing greatly with the hope of a return. Many people see college as the wild frontier where people find themselves and figure it out as they go. That’s cute for a few months, but when you’re scrambling trying to understand why you’re lost in the shuffle it’s not so appealing any longer. Create a plan, track your progress, and finish with multiple attractive job offers. That's the goal.

Although landing a great job is core to Future Csuite, there are other highly-significant returns to be gained from your investment. The friends you make, the network you build, and the skills you learn are just a few additional benefits you should glean from the investment that’s been made.

Have A Blast!

Most of the content found on our platform is focused, process-oriented, and goal-oriented. However, we do believe in fun!

The stereotype is generally true of people that look back on college. Most say something to the effect of “those were the best years of my life” and they mean it. You should enjoy college, make memories, build friendships, laugh all the time, and have stories to share for a lifetime. You can and should have fun while maintaining a healthy degree of focus as you navigate college.

And you know what's most fun? Not needing to move back in with the parents when you cross the finish line because you landed a great job!

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