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The Purpose of Your GPA

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

The Mythical 4.0

GPA matters. It does, but it is not what it used to be. Companies are focused on finding bright, initiating, well-rounded students who are the whole package and not just the “bright” part of the equation. Without campus involvement, professional experience, and/or carrying a job while going to school a 4.0 will only get you so far. However, you may have a stacked resume full of initiation, innovation, and creation but if it lacks a sufficient GPA you may not be considered. A good GPA is part of the requirements, but itʼs not ultimate and many students invest too heavily or too little in this area.

Position Yourself To Be Competitive

Future Csuite supports setting GPA goals, with 3.4 and above being our desired target for students. This specific mark comes from the fact that some companies are now using GPA minimum requirements to even have an opportunity to submit a resume (which are often in the 3.25-3.4 overall range). Companies want to see that you have excelled in the classroom, on campus, and as an individual altogether. Part of that package will not be enough to get the offers you likely want.

Give your all in school, attend tutoring if needed, and make grades a high priority; however, doing this at the expense of the rest of your resume is not what we’re going for. Balance is required in order to compete in todayʼs difficult job market. If you have 3.94 GPA, congratulations. You will likely get a pretty awesome sash to wear at graduation, but that sash wonʼt be enticing enough to land job offers on its own. We are warning the dedicated students who locks themselves in a room 3-5 nights a week and never engage in meaningful relational and leadership experiences. That too must be a part of your plan.

For even more perspective on achieving balance in college, check out our upcoming article called "Study Smarter, Not Longer".

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